Tantric masseuses

Some of the Best Tantric Massage Therapists in London

Welcome to our special tantric masseuses training!  We also teach tantric to people from all round the globe, includes our specialist training, from years of experience, our teacher has been a very active tantric teacher for over 20 years, well traveled and has covered many different type of massage therapies, from Swedish, deep tissue, macrobiotics and acupressure, Thai and Indonesian massage therapy.

She has done body work, with Reichian therapy, covering all aspects of how humans carry body armor as in muscular tension as a defense in the body,  the mind affects the body, which affects the spirit, as one feeds the other, we are all affected in how we perceive and sense our individual world, by mental or physical stress many of us find us in a tense body, which at times creates a defence, our thoughts can create pictures, which taps into our memory bank, therefore, can create what we have as a memory in our psyche, and recreate bodily and or physical tensions. The mental worry has an effect on the body and vise versa.

We have a range of beautiful masseuses who are carefully selected to give you a pleasant and enjoyable time to relax your body, remove the stress, which is so potent in our daily lives, by balancing our energies, and recharging our selves, massages in general nourish us, and improves our ability to let go and recharge our batteries!

Our ladies have a specialist training, in relaxation and sensual erotic touch, to be the best they can, all professionally trained, to give best tantric and original services for many years!

Youthful, warm, friendly, beautiful, charismatic, for incalls at our W2 centres, one is in Bayswater, the other near Lancaster gate and Paddington tube, aso in W2, right in the heart of central London for your convenience.

Please note we do not work with anyone who has no validity to work, we only work with girls who want to work for themselves and are independent, all from various parts of Europe, and all speak English.

We aim to visit you in less than 30 minutes, sometimes even less, depends where you are if your near w2, and the traffic isnt heavy, we can be with you very shortly, other times we may need longer, please allow anything from 30 minutes, up to 1 hour.

If you want a booking early please book 24 hrs in advance, that goes for incalls or outcalls, it is advisable to call me directly on the mobile telephone number provided, if you want a booking as soon as possible.

Please go the gallery and choose your ideal masseuse with choice 1 and choice 2, we will do our best to give you the best sensual erotic tantric or otherwise, we are skilled and caring dedicated masseuses, who enjoy our work, dont hesitate  if you have any special requests or need some questions answered, call me for a fun and relaxing time!

We are experts in tantric massage where body and soul are infused together, years of dedication and the art of soulfull touch is something that is our speciality!

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