Tantric Massage

Our Silky Tantric Massage Parlour is very central close to Paddington station, call – 0750-691-2002   We will reveal how Tantric  secrets work, with our silky sensual touch, to the whole body, as well your erotic intimate areas,- you will discover a new you, learn how tantric massage is a doorway, to improve love making skills, and how to sensually arouse yourself and your lover!

We are genuine qualified tantric masseuses, who have been devoted to the tantra way, meditation, yoga and spiritual awareness is part of our lives. Many of us practice wholistic therapies, alongside our sensual practice. This is the real thing!  this divine touch  is just a phone call away, feel free to call if you have any questions.

The tantra divine touch is a very powerfull way to discover the mysteries that lie behind it, but must be done by qualified therapists, who have knowledge and dedication, as this in no ordinary massage!

Or divine sensitive and intuitive hands work along the meridians, to balance energy points, and arouse and energise the whole body, this alleviates stress, and we finely tune you into tantra mode of raising your emotional, physical and spiritual body.  This is the divine touch you have been waiting for! – with the real silky way of erotic body sensations, it can touch you in a very deep profound way.

Our intention is to give you the doorway to your inner world,- your deeper self will be unveiled, as you come to realise this divine touch that awaits to wake every part of your body, passions will be ignited!

When you are in control of your own sexual instincts, and practice this, you will have more confidence, as your on sexuality is balanced, and can then be a more potent loving partner, we can help you achieve much more!

Our intention is to give you sensual pleasures, knowledge and the secret mysteries of how this  massage is more gifted, therapeutic, healing,  with slow silky sensual erotic teasing, as the arousal builds up, to even higher sensations each time, as the sexual energy gets higher each time, your orgasm will be delayed several times, till I sense you are ready to reach the most sensational and most powerfull orgasm you have ever had!

The last 20 minutes includes the lingam- meaning penis teasing arousal states of incredible sexual peaks of pleasure will flood your body! -this is the real tantra ejaculatory control methods to give you the best powerful silky sensational eroticism that will awake your mind and body to how it works!

Men and women can both find exciting and new pleasures by discovering the dynamics of  what we offer. Why should you try tantric ? Its benefits are immence, starting with  releasing physical tensions, or mental stress, the physical action of a full body massage in itself is something we can all benefit for a start.

The real consept of Tantra is transformational, spiritual, emotional and physically relates to our body, by opening ourselves to been receptive, and letting go, we can expand our knowledge, by realising sensual massage, intices the erotic senses to be creative in both sensual creativity and expansion of the union of male and female energy.

Using loving  touch to unite the erotic energies within, passion is our life  force, and helps to make our sexuality more balanced by sharing, giving, and receiving.  If your a man and want a little more excitement, this style of  erotic touch foreplay, will cover every inch of your whole body, caressing, slow and erotic, it traditionally guides the man to accept this prologed arousal, seductive touch, and to enjoy the most pleasure he can possibly accept ! then be lead to the ultimate most incredible ecstatic bodily pleasures, then – bordering on an orgasm, several times, we use the breathing techniques and other personal touches, to help you achieve the most powerfull releasing tantric orgasm! essential for men who want to learn ejaculation control, especially if they tend to reach orgasm too quickly.

The difference been the sequence when done by expert qualified therapists, will give you the best and most exciting and erotic experience you have ever had, quality is what your body most desires!

Women can enjoy prolonged pleasure, and sharing with a partner, brings many  relationships to share a more fullfilling  and satisfactory sexual erotic love life, the man becomes a more considerate lover, and women can enjoy much greater capacities of sharing and bonding, including sexual healing through yoni massage. Yoni means her most sacred area, the vagina, the emotional part of a woman is her yoni, gentle soft special guidance is needed to arouse and heal sexual blockages,  this is just a few of the benefits of what we offer.

Our masseuses are beautiful and qualified, to make you feel special, individual attention to your desires, or requests, or if you want therapeutic or sensual you can choose either or we can combine both together, so you can benefit, from our healing silky hands!

Welcome to Silky sensual, we are in Paddington near the tube, w2.