Silky Nuru Massage is an exciting new way of receiving silky smoothm silky soft pampering, from all over.

How does it work? we warm the special ultra slippery gel to make it warm and to feel right for your body. After you take a refreshing shower, options with or without your new chosen masseuse, be prepared to get on this exclusive, most sensual experience!

It takes you to higher realms of exciting and exotic pleasures! the gel is spread all over, it is done on a double bed for comfort, so you can enjoy the multitude of enticing hands on and rthmic body movements, that your beautiful Nuru masseuse will create sensational touches body sliding for ultimate feelings will pour into your body.

Feel the NURU MASSAGE SILKY SENSATIONS, bring out the delishes touch and eroticism like no other. While all your body s fully covered in silky gel, the emotions you feel will bring out the best in you!

How to book NURU MASSAGE IN LONDON? first you go to the bank to get cash. you then visit tel no is 07440030794 to call or text me by choosing your ideal location and masseuse in mind, you can give 2 or 3 options for Nuru massage therapists. you choose a time arrive and pay your masseuse from the start.

And the fun begins! What is next?!…. watch her do fully nude or naked body sliding on your back and front of your body. this is just the beggining to whet your appetide! every movement is building up your sexual energy, we want you to relax and surrender and enjoy every moment.

The whole experience delivers sexual euphoria beyond words! feel the oxytocin, fill your whole body with loving feelings, this is NURU MASSAGE LONDON masseuses who give satisfaction and expertise I mean real expert tease too!

Are you ready for japanese Nuru massage for incalls you visit us, or outcalls we can come to your place. you can choose location to suit your needs.

We ask you to take a shower, have ready cash, and arrive on time, if your running late, pls let us know 1 hr before actual booking that you will be later. Failure to respect our times, can result in us not booking you ever again. So we advice you book it if your 100% sure. any emergencies pls call or text soo as you can.

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