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Our Silky Tantric Massage in London, by beautiful masseuses, are highly trained in the true art of tantric massage.  call 07506912002, for Incalls & Outcalls, choose tantric, Nuru, 4 hands, mutual massage.
We offer exclusive and exciting  sensual and nude Tantric massages, or if you prefer your goddess will wear Silky Tantric lingerie, to make your experience unique and so you will leave feeling sensualised, uplifted, and with our specialised silky touch, will remove your physical muscular tensions, allow your mind to let go, forget your worries, and submerge yourself into the most desirable states of  erotic foreplay and tantric awakening, thats because our ladies have had a specialist training in genuine therapeutic, Swedish, and tantra training.

Experience the most sensuous and silkiest seductive touch, by dedicated tantric massage practitioners, with many years of experience. Awaken the life force within, touch and love compliment each other, rekindle the natural erotic energy that is waiting to be ignited!

Our intuitive and perceptive tantric masseuses in London have the ability to make you feel special, we offer assisted showers, and followed by one of our silky tantalizing, most sensual erotic build ups that tantra offers, we take you to many heavenly silkiest peaks of pleasure, it means that we bring you close to orgasm several times, so you will notice the difference between ordinary sensual and how tantra educates you to accept the highest forms of sexy pleasure!

TANTRIC MASSAGE  is a philosophy and a way of life, that heals mind, body, soul and spirit.   Its origins from Tibet, was to re balance the male and female energies, in each individual person, whether your a man or a woman, we all have yin – female energy, and yang – the male energy, as some people can have too much or too little yin or yang, this can cause disharmony in the body.

The original tantric massage therapists worked on the energy points, the meridians, including  to balancing the seven chakras, these are energy centres in the body,  to bring a balance of these energies, it brings  vitality, good health, love, peace and harmony within.We also raise your sensual and erotic awareness on levels which raise you to a higher vibration, which can be shared with your lover, as well as improving your sexual skills, therefore self improvement starts with yourself, self confidence and our abilities to share love and sexuality are the natural human desires. Many men have learnt how to last much longer in the bedroom, by practicing our DOUBLE LINGAM sessions.

Tantric Massage is different to other styles of massage, as it aligns your physical, spiritual and emotional body to blend into oneness, and gives men the full power to transform the pleasure to highest achievements of much deeper and stronger prolonged erotic pleasure.

Lingam Massage

What is a Lingam massage? the Lingam actual word represents the mans manhood the penis. We include tantric massage and sensual erogenous teasing all over in a very sensual way, we take our time to give you lots of lingam as it builds up fountains of pleasure! the point of lingam is pure sexual excitement of the man’s ecstasy to build him up slowly but intensely, every stroke gives sumptuous more pleasure to give the ultimate orgasm by the masseuse super touch your orgasm will be much more enhanced!  Only a qualified tantrica knows how to do really good lingam massage!

There are numerous ways we can have sensual pleasure delights with Tantric or Body to body, we mean pure naked full body to body, skin to skin, feel the feminine contours, touch you, alight the fire within!…let your passions flourish as you can enjoy body to body in two different ways. Nuru gel which is a special slippery gel, it helps us glide with you, with sensational exuberant feelings! or the warm oil full body to body is sheer ecstatic ecstasy! never forgotten once you try it you will be enthralled by the magical experience!

Lingam massages stimulate the penis in a way which builds up extra sensual erotic pleasure of improving sexual appetite and how your sex hormones can be stimulated and you can feel rejuvenated!

Excellent to suit men at any age in their life! young or old, receiving lingam massage is one of the things we always include in one of our silky massages. It is a treasure to be had and gives you enormous scope, of course we can also teach your partner how to give you lingam massage, a pleasure had and one to share!

We can also include ‘extra lingam massage foreplay in any of our massages. We look forward to seeing you!

Our range of sensual masseuses will bring you greater heights of pleasure. Available for both incall and outcalls.

Prostate Massage

What exactly is a prostate massage? Many people still don’t know, it is a massage that we can incorporate with our silky sensual massage to enhance more pleasure, the prostate is about 2 and half inches inside the anal canal and due to its nerve endings can help some men to enjoy sensual pleasure and often enhance sexual orgasms! Some men like to just experience it from the outer area rather than inside, so if its your first time and are unsure, we can work in a more subtle way, just to tease you nicely, only if your ready will the masseuse insert inside. For your information, we use protective glove for hygienic reasons, and everything is new. Some men get benefit also from the stimulation of the prostate massage as it improves circulation.

Prostate massage can be added as addition to your massage, so whether you choose tantric or body to body, or nuru massage, prostate can be added for a new experience that you may find beneficial and sensual.

By massaging the prostate, it can improve circulation to the area and give you a tonic, in some cases it prevents problems with prostate as the energy is like a cycle of moving energy by the massage. All massages have a tonic and circulatory effect on the whole body, whilst removing stagnant or toxic lymph is always a vast improvement as toxins are removed from the body. Some men find prostate massage gives them pleasure and in some cases make orgasms more powerful.

A bit about Silky Tantric Massage

We provide an authentic tantric massage in London with a touch of erotica, to entice your body to the delights of finding supreme exotic pleasure!  We provide INCALLS and OUTCALLS, to your home or hotel.

We are dedicated to the Tantric sensual art of touch, with years of experience, to give you the best erotic massage, silky, sensual, inviting, enticing, its a full body massage experience, so none of your body is left out!

Allow your senses to experience the ultimate in erotic pleasure, our masseuses are warm, friendly, and affectionate, and will make sure your experience is special and  tailor made to your needs. Optional styles also available to choose from, Swedish, or therapeutic, some people need more attention to muscular tension, they hold, especially if your in the office all day, or driving a lot, so you can choose your preferred type of massage or we can combine best of both worlds.  We specialise in the most sensational touch, where your senses come to life, and believe tantric massage heals the entire body, on every level. Go to incalls and Outcalls pages for OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM.

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